Module 5: Summative

      After reviewing other peers blogs and the comments left on my blog, my peers and I share similar viewpoints. This week’s readings about copyright laws and the music industry gave me the opportunity to see the music industry differently. It seems that the music industry is difficult to regulate and my peers and I think it is best left untouched by corporations and in the hands of consumers.  As mentioned in the Lessig TED talk online new media is “celebrating amateur culture- to produce for the love of what they are doing”. I very much agree with this statement and think that people are recreating music and sharing files online in a new way than ever before. However, this is problematic for the music industries interests and the artists who are producing music in hopes of receiving compensation.

     My peers asked what if I were a famous musician and the effect piracy would have? I agree with one of my peers who commented that we have failed to put ourselves in the shoes of the producer. This is somewhat difficult to do because I cannot imagine the type of effect piracy would have on producers of music and film. However, I can assume that it does have a substantive affect. It seems that before new media was around, artists solely relied on record sales as the best source of revenue. Nowadays, artists have to venture out and produce a name for themselves beyond just their music. Perhaps, this is a direct correlation to the decline in record sales due to Internet piracy. Indeed, there are negative consequences to downloading music for free. This is not only detrimental for the artist but the whole music industry. I think we often fail to consider all the nameless, faceless figures that are also negatively affected by Internet piracy.

     In the end, I believe that it is hard to change people’s opinions about Internet piracy. Governments and the music industry can enact various copyright laws and policies. However, consumers of new media will find ways and loopholes to receive files online for free.