Summative: Citizen Journalism- the Future of Journalism? 

   After reading my peers blog posts and reviewing the comments on my initial blog post, it seems that I share similar views with my peers. Citizen journalism is a new way of collecting, distributing and reporting news and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The Internet and social networking sites have allowed citizens to engage in content that they find relevant and interesting. I am very interested in social media and receiving and releasing relevant news.

     One of my peers mentioned citizen journalists are sharing their interests and personal knowledge. I believe this is definitely the case. Also, if someone is passionate about a subject than this should give it more credibility. However, as mentioned in the articles, websites such as Twitter are inherently bias and may not be credible. So, one of my peers asked how can we overcome bias on twitter? I think this is very difficult to say. Consumers of new media ought to take what they see or read and assess it critically. However, not everyone does this and people are so consumed by what they read and hear. This even happens for mainstream media. Thus, I think it will be difficult to overcome bias and improve credibility.

     Lastly, one of my peers brought up that we will never see mainstream media be obsolete. I certainly agree with this statement. Mainstream news is great and everyone around the world uses it on a daily basis. However, with the rise of social media and other websites we will certainly see more citizen journalists. I believe people sharing his or her own experiences of breaking news are definitely more interesting than a reported sharing the news. However, than why do we even have jobs in journalism? Perhaps, the way citizen journalism is going there unfortunately may be a decrease in journalists. 





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