Women and the Military – Module 5 Podcast

I choose this article because I think it relates to many issues of gender and politics in society. Now that women are allowed into combat roles in the military it is interesting to see how the dynamic will change. This article seems to suggest that women in combat is very similar to the position of women in regular society. As you view my podcast, you will see where I stand on this issue.


ALSO: correction, i said the author in “his” article, i meant HER (female author)… oops!

I Hope you enjoy!



Gottfried, Barbara (June 20, 2013) “Women in Combat, a Mirror of Society?” Time Magazine



One thought on “Women and the Military – Module 5 Podcast

  1. This article must be referencing the US military, as Canada has had women in combat roles for years. I’m going to give you one name; the name of one of my heroes, a Canadian Artillery Officer, the first soldier to call in an artillery strike on an enemy force since the Korean War on 17 May 2006. Captain Nichola Goddard. . .not only the first soldier since Korea, the first female soldier, serving at a forward operating base (FOB) outside Kandahar, Afghanistan. Captain Goddard made history again for Canada. . .later the same day. . .by being the first female soldier killed in combat, the sixteenth soldier killed in Afghanistan. She would’ve hated being the “first female” at anything. She was a soldier, just like her male counterparts, and just like the men serving under her command.

    I just retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force, a female serving in the Canadian Forces. I was not alone, I was never sexually assaulted, and I can tell you that there is a zero tolerance policy on sexual assault in the military (in Canada). Our leaders are not afraid of the issues, either. Most, if not all of us, took courses on harassment prevention and have acted as advisors in some capacity. I can tell you this: the Americans have let their first females into combat roles, and these women serve with honour and pride. The idea of women being softer and only put on the face of this earth to please men is barbaric, and I am pleased to say that Canada does not think of its women, its daughters, serving and dying for this country, in the manner in which your article spoke.

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