Summative Blog Post

After reading my classmates blog posts and comments it seems we all use social media sites for similar reasons. Facebook is a good medium to talk with people who are not in close distance to you. For example like family overseas. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family but also to learn new things about each other. However, I believe there is still a different type of “connection” in person that cannot be achieved online. Turkle’s  “artificial conversation” is somewhat true. However, meaningful conversation can be met over the Internet. How about married couples that are so far apart and regularly keep in touch this way? If people have a special bond already than a social media site will not change that. I am not sure if Turkle would say communicating with my family online is artificial, because we already have a bond beyond the Internet. However, I would say after three years of only communication online, it is very different to see someone face-to-face and think it will all be the same as it was online.

Lastly, I agree with a classmate who said they find Twitter to maintain more anonymous. Perhaps it is the lack of personal information you must share. I also find myself retweeting tweets if they are similar to what I would say but perhaps am to lazy to write my own. Social media sites are great for sharing others posts. In the end, social media sites are great tools for so many things people cannot otherwise do in person. However, we are all social beings and should continue to have face-to face communication!


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