Women and Politics



Hello, I am Katie Lamanna and this is my first blog ever!

I am in my final year at Brock University in Political Science with a Sociology minor. I have chosen to take New Media Literacy as an elective, the last class ever at Brock! I have just moved back home from St.Catharines after four awesome years!

My interests include Canadian politics, gender issues, issues in developing countries, social justice, and animal rights, to name a few. I also love to travel and cook! I find myself cooking more than travelling these days!

Considering, my major is politics I have chosen to focus my blog around that. Furthermore, I will focus on political justice as well as social issues around the world with a focus on women. Therefore, I have decided to focus on women and politics.

The purpose of this blog will be to explore women’s issues from a political standpoint. I am hoping to discuss relevant issues that may appear in the news. My topics may include women and politics in developed and developing countries, gendered public policy. More specifically, some issues may be prostitution laws, migrant workers, AIDS and violence against women. I am hoping to address issues that are controversial and thought provoking!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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